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10 Things “Friends” Taught Us About Marriage

Congratulations to one of our favorite “Friends!” Rachel—I mean Jennifer Aniston—has tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Justin Theroux, and Monica—I mean Courteney Cox—stood up for her as Maid of Honor. If only Joey could have officiated. Despite the recent rash of celebrity divorce announcements, I have high hopes for Jennifer. She took her time, […]

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Who Comes First–Your Husband, or Your Kids?

The other day, I found my husband engrossed in an article called “My Husband is the Perfect Dad–And it Almost Killed Our Marriage.” Nervously, he asked me to read it and tell him what I thought. It’s a story about a mom who deeply resented her husband for prioritizing their three kids over her. Though […]

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10 Ridiculous Guys I Had to Date Before I Found My Person

Dating was fun, but I can’t say I miss it.  Here’s just a sampling of the wrong-for-me dudes I encountered on the road to destiny… 1. Didn’t like cheese guy 2. Forgot his wallet on the first date guy 3. Mirror-hogging metrosexual guy 4.  Over 30 virgin guy 5. Didn’t laugh at my jokes and […]

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My Baby Daddy Left Me On Facebook

The father of my child just abandoned me—on Facebook, that is. He quit the social media machine, claiming it’s a time-suck that has gotten less personal and more annoying over the years.  I think he’s crazy.  Without Facebook, how would I know which Scandal character I most resemble or what my old boss had for […]

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How To Sleep Like A Teenager

Dave and I are not morning people.  That was a nice thing to have in common pre-baby, but it’s a total liability now.  When our daughter’s cries shatter the silence at dawn, we bury our faces in our pillows and try to imagine she belongs to the family next door. Since nobody likes to negotiate […]

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