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Friend Dating When You Have Kids: Harder Than It Looks

The last fight I had with my partner was over a child’s third birthday party. I had asked my fiancé, Dave, to attend the Saturday morning festivities with me, but he wanted to catch up on sleep after a tough week at work. I pressed the issue. “Why do you want me to go so […]

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Parents & The Internet: Are We Addicted To Bad News?


“Don’t go on the Internet today,” my fiancé Dave texts me. He does this about once a week. Usually he’s telling me this because he knows my mama heart can’t handle reading about another killer nanny, school shooting, family slaughter or house of horrors like the one in Cleveland. He knows I lie awake nights imagining […]

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I’ll Never Stop Telling My Daughter She’s Beautiful

As a woman, I appreciate where Devan McGuiness is coming from in her Babble article, “Please Stop Telling my Daughters They’re Beautiful.”   She’s noticed that while strangers tend to engage her son about school and sports, they’ll focus all their attention on her girls’ looks and clothes.  She wants us, the random people who meet […]

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Renew, Reuse, Recycle

I was very excited when Families in the Loop, a hub for urban parents, reached out and asked me to blog for them.  I was even more excited when they said it was okay to re-run a few of my favorite past blog posts.  That’s green living, people! If you’re new to Carriage Before Marriage, […]

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