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The Valentine’s Day Advice You Didn’t Ask For

Until five years ago, most of my Valentine’s Days were comically awful.  There was the time I carelessly ended a college relationship on February 14, thinking a nice dinner and chocolate would somehow soften the blow.  Or the night an overzealous Valentine nibbled my ear until he dislodged my diamond stud earring, which was lost […]

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To My Brother & Sister-In-Law At Their Baby Shower (Practical Advice For New Parents)

Jordan and Lana baby Viv funny

Dear Jordan and Lana, I wish that Dave and I could be at your baby shower to celebrate, but as you may know, parents of small children rarely go anywhere.  So instead, I’ve jotted down some words of wisdom that I hope you’ll find wise and not too wordy. People think a baby will make […]

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Renew, Reuse, Recycle

I was very excited when Families in the Loop, a hub for urban parents, reached out and asked me to blog for them.  I was even more excited when they said it was okay to re-run a few of my favorite past blog posts.  That’s green living, people! If you’re new to Carriage Before Marriage, […]

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20 Things I Wish I’d Known about the First Year (Won’t You Add Some More?)

One of my college roommates and favorite people is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Having just emerged from year one of parenthood myself, I wanted to try to capture what I learned, which I hope will help her and not cause her to run (or waddle) screaming.   Please add your own words […]

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