5 Advantages To Putting The Baby Carriage Before Marriage

If you’ve been watching me prepare for our nuptials with our 3-year-old in tow, you know that preschoolers make terrible wedding planners.  But as I zone in on our BIG DAY (one month away!), I’m realizing some hidden advantages to doing things backwards

1. We’ve Got Warm Feet- I’m not talking about the kind you get from sharing a down comforter, though those are nice too.  I’m talking about confidence.  Given that we’ve already weathered newborn all-nighters and toddler tantrums and we can still stand the sight of each other, “I Do” is the easiest decision ever.  No cold feet, no panic attacks, no Dustin Hoffman banging on the windows screaming “Elayne!” (although that happens to be my MIL’s name, so you never know).     Read More »

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Should I Change My Name When I Get Married?

I’m getting married in 5 weeks (!) and I’ve started wondering – should I change my name?

Not my last name, silly.  “Wruble” is too much a part of me.  Wrubes.  A-Dub.  Amy Roooo.  Ruby Tuesday.  Arugula.  Wruble-loo.  Wruby.  Where do the nicknames go if you change your name?

Besides, Google loves “Wruble.”  There are only like six of us on the planet, so I’m highly searchable, which is great for a freelance writer and bad if the internet had been around when I was in college.

Nope, the name I was thinking of changing is Carriage Before Marriage.

CBM logo

Read More »

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How Do You Come Back From A Bake Sale #BakeFail?

Do you remember last fall I was so excited to bake for our first preschool bakesale?

Then came one of those freakish fall heat waves we have in southern California, and by 5 minutes into the bake sale my chocolate-dipped pretzel rods had melted into a sticky mess.  Didn’t sell a single one.  I should have taken a photo for you but I was too sad.  Picture that horror movie The House of Wax and just imagine everyone covered in chocolate and sprinkles.


Me and baking don’t naturally go together. I still confuse baking soda with baking powder.  But I’m determined to figure it out.  And it’s a fun activity to do with my daughter, who is suddenly an amazingly helpful person when there is a possiblity of spoon licking in her near future. Read More »

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Brushing Toddler Teeth: Easier With Aquafresh Training Toothpaste

Even on my laziest parenting days, when I microwave leftovers and skip the bath, I never skimp on teeth brushing.  I feel so responsible for cleaning my daughter’s mini pearly whites, especially given her love of sugary treats.  Of course, my kid doesn’t always appreciate my good intentions, clamping her mouth shut when it’s time to brush, or running away.  

Recently, I got some much needed help from Aquafresh—the little mouth experts™.  When a package containing their apple-banana flavored training toothpaste and colorful training toothbrush arrived, my daughter was immediately intrigued, asking if she could try them. Why, yes! (And let me just hold up this “modesty washcloth” so I can photograph you doing so.)  


Actual quote from my daughter: “Mom, this toothpaste is so yummy.  I can taste the apple AND the banana.”  She sucked down the first glob of toothpaste and asked for more.  Luckily, it’s safe to swallow because it’s fluoride-free, which our pediatric dentist recommends until kids are old enough to swish and spit.  


A good taste really helps my tooth brushing cause, especially since I once traumatized my daughter by accidentally putting my adult mint toothpaste on her brush.  She ran around yelping like I’d laced it with hot sauce.

Of course, sometimes it takes more than tasty flavor to get the job done.  Some of my favorite ways to get my daughter’s teeth brushed are: Read More »

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Should You Hide Veggies in Your Kids’ Food?

It’s my fault. If I’d just eaten more zucchini during my pregnancy, my daughter might have been a vegetable lover.  Instead, I ate a cheese sandwich every day for nine months, which may or may not explain her passion for quesadillas.  These days, if I want my kid to eat something green, my best bet is a lime popsicle.   

Like many moms, I’ve considered hiding veggies inside favorite foods, going so far as to buy Jessica Seinfeld’s “Deceptively Delicious” cookbook.  Seinfeld’s recipes certainly look delicious.  The deceptive part is how labor intensive they are, requiring a wide variety of home-made purees to be incorporated in every dish.   And my blender’s a pain to wash.

I’ve got mixed feelings about dietary deception anyway.  I mean, if you can slip some kale into a mango banana smoothie unnoticed, I say go for it.  But if veggies are always hidden beneath other flavors, how will kids ever develop a taste for them?  Plus, part of the pleasure of vegetables is color and texture – crunchy carrots, bumpy broccoli, bright bell peppers. And you can’t dip a puree into ranch dressing, am I right?

Keep reading, and find out why my daughter eats bell peppers in the bath, at Lifetime Moms

pepper in the bath Read More »

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