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7 Reasons I Hate Wearing a Bra

Loyal Readers: I wrote the following post for  When I write for that site, they judge me based on number of views.  So if you want to read my bra story (because it’s funny!) please do, but if you don’t have time and want to help a girl out, just click on the […]

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10 Reasons Moms Look Exhausted All The Time

I have to give you the backstory on this one.  My editor at Lifetime Moms said that my post “10 Reasons Moms Dress Like Crap” was doing well for them, and could I please write a sequel.  I obliged, and unthinkingly included one of the least flattering selfies ever, so I hope it gives you […]

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Love Means Never Having To Say Your Teeth Look Yellow

With two weeks left until our wedding, I’ve been trimming, tinting, plucking, waxing, shaping, toning and otherwise altering every cell of my body.  Meanwhile, Dave’s to-do list had one item: “Get haircut.”  I decided the only way to level the playing field would be for us to do some kind of beauty treatment TOGETHER. Lucikly, […]

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So Does The Jacket Button?

Back in February, I asked a very important question: “Will I ever be able to button this jacket?” The jacket, a saucy little Theory blazer purchased optimistically in my pre-baby size, was to be my proxy for the wedding gown–which was still being made–as I attempted to drop a few inches and lb’s. I committed […]

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How To Diet Without Screwing Up Your Daughter

In the battle of the bulge, my biggest roadblock isn’t carbs, booze or sugar—it’s my three-year-old daughter.  I’m desperately afraid of dieting in front of her, lest I mess up her body image for life.  According to a University of Florida study, “Daughters’ perceptions of their bodies and subsequent eating and dieting behaviors have been […]

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