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But, Wait, I Thought You Wanted a Little Sister!

My preschooler knew I was pregnant long before I planned to tell her. I’d been waiting to pass the genetic screening before I rocked my kid’s world, yet when I was only five weeks along, she threw her arms around me, looked deeply into my eyes and implored, “Mommy, what are you going to name your […]

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7 Secret Perks of Pregnancy Bed Rest

Those of you who knew me when I was on bed rest with Viv will not believe I am glorifying it now (I hated it!).  But the grass is always greener.  I’d give anything to lay down right now! Most moms will tell you that pregnancy bed rest blows. You’re stuck home alone, like a […]

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My 3-Year-Old’s Obsession with Pregnancy, Pubic Hair and Birth

“Do I have a uterus?” my 3-year-old wants to know. “Yes!” I tell her enthusiastically. “When you’re an adult, if you decide to have a baby, it will grow in your uterus.” “So I have a uterus all day?” “Yes.” “Does Daddy have a uterus?” This is the sort of conversation I have daily with […]

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I Used to be Fun–Now I’m Just Pregnant

I felt super guilty writing this.  I blame hormones.  Checking Facebook this morning, I noticed a cute photo of some friends drinking at a bar, arms around each other, mugging for the camera.  I clicked “like,” but truth be told, I didn’t really like seeing them all having fun without me. I’d been invited to […]

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I Get Around

Some pregnant ladies nest by organizing the spice rack.  Me–I blog like a maniac.  I guess I’m trying to get it all out before my hands are too full with newborn to reach the keyboard. So if you plan on being on a long line at the bank, or stuck amusing yourself at Starbucks, I […]

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