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I Used to be Fun–Now I’m Just Pregnant

I felt super guilty writing this.  I blame hormones.  Checking Facebook this morning, I noticed a cute photo of some friends drinking at a bar, arms around each other, mugging for the camera.  I clicked “like,” but truth be told, I didn’t really like seeing them all having fun without me. I’d been invited to […]

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I Get Around

Some pregnant ladies nest by organizing the spice rack.  Me–I blog like a maniac.  I guess I’m trying to get it all out before my hands are too full with newborn to reach the keyboard. So if you plan on being on a long line at the bank, or stuck amusing yourself at Starbucks, I […]

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The Miracle of Life is Gross (And There’s Something Wrong With My Taint)

Always love to have a post up on Scary Mommy.  Just beware, saucy language ahead. “Honey, there’s something wrong with my taint!” I yell to my husband. “Your what?” “My taint. How have you lived to be 39 without…oh, never mind. It’s called the taint because it ain’t the vagina and it ain’t the butt… […]

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8 Rookie Mistakes I Won’t Make With My Next Baby

As I unpack onesies and organize chew toys in preparation for my next baby, I’m having flashbacks to my first time raising a newborn. Embarrassing flashbacks. Given what I now know about babies and kids, I can’t believe I made so many rookie mistakes. I’m sure I’ll screw up in new ways this time, especially […]

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My Shockingly Big First Trimester Baby Bump

For the past few weeks, I’ve been making like a pregnant sitcom star—hiding behind huge handbags and ensuring I’m only photographed from the waist up.  That’s because I started showing WAY before I was ready to share my pregnancy news. I’d heard that bellies pop out a lot sooner with second pregnancies, but I had […]

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