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Read All About It

Are you by any chance: (A) Stuck in line at the post office mailing holiday gifts? (B) Killing time in the pick-up line while a bunch of jerks I mean very nice parents at your kid’s school take their sweet damn time? or (C) Trying to find a reason to stay seated at your computer […]

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7 Reasons I Hate Wearing a Bra

Loyal Readers: I wrote the following post for  When I write for that site, they judge me based on number of views.  So if you want to read my bra story (because it’s funny!) please do, but if you don’t have time and want to help a girl out, just click on the […]

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My Daughter’s First Nutcracker Ballet (aka Just How Long Can a Preschooler Sit Still?)

Since my nearly 4-year-old daughter is taking ballet and wears mainly tutus these days, I couldn’t resist getting tickets to our local production of The Nutcracker. I’d like to tell you we dressed her up for the occasion, but this is pretty much a typical day around here. When I was growing up in Connecticut, […]

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9 New Years Resolutions This Mom’s Guaranteed to Break

It’s that time of year again, so let’s wipe the slate clean and set some personal goals for 2015, shall we? As a first-time mom, I’m always looking to up my game, and I know I have lots of room for improvement. Of course, with every well-intentioned resolution comes the realization of just how easily […]

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The Secret To Ending Tantrums

Does it ever feel like your toddler has multiple personalities, like, say, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde? One day, my daughter is offering to help me set the table for dinner. The next day, she’s screaming bloody murder and throwing her plate across the room because I dared to cut her waffle into pieces that […]

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