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Your Baby This Week

When I got knocked up with Viv, I registered my due date with to receive weekly updates about her development.   Throughout my pregnancy, Babycenter compared her estimated size to a fruit or vegetable so that I could better imagine her growing heft. At 7 weeks, she was a blueberry. At 15 weeks, an apple. […]

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Shoe Story

Moms and dads out there, what’s the biggest thing that’s changed about you since becoming a parent? For me, it’s the footwear. Until I got pregnant, I always wore heels. Some people cover their gray—I make myself taller.  A good pair of heels can hoist this barely 5’2” frame up to a solid 5’6”, or […]

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Answering My Fan Mail

To those who voted for Carriage Before Marriage in the Circle of Moms Top 25 blog contest, thank you so much.  The exposure has been amazing.  Finally, there are people who I have not lived with, slept with or split a pizza with reading the blog.  I have fans.  And what better place to answer […]

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The Other Woman

I always show Dave my blogs before I post them.  He gives great feedback, plus I want to make sure I haven’t crossed the “too personal” line with him.  Considering he was fine with me publishing a play-by-play of our baby-making efforts, he may not even have a line.  But I like to check. Anyway, […]

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Bad Seed Tries to Raise Good Egg

I had planned on teaching my daughter good morals and values by example.  I wanted to be the kind of parent who counts the change from the hot dog vendor hoping to have received too much just so she can make her kid trudge back and return three pennies.  In practice, I seem to be […]

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