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20 Things I Wish I’d Known about the First Year (Won’t You Add Some More?)

One of my college roommates and favorite people is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Having just emerged from year one of parenthood myself, I wanted to try to capture what I learned, which I hope will help her and not cause her to run (or waddle) screaming.   Please add your own words […]

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P is for Package, it’s Good Enough for Me

When the Fed Ex guy noticed Viv’s new tooth, it occurred to me that I might have a problem with online shopping. It started innocently enough, when I was pregnant and on bed rest.  Immobilized, the only way I could finish outfitting the nursery was to let my fingers do the browsing.  When the baby came, I […]

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Mini Wedding Planner

When my brother and sister-in-law were planning their New York wedding, they spent marathon weekends scouting potential venues, 10 at a time.  Armed with a multi-page checklist, they left no gazebo unturned.   They locked down a site, DJ and photographer before news of their engagement had time to reach the cousins.  And that manic intensity […]

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A Husband By Any Other Name

The Carriage Before Marriage poster couple has got to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Brangelina don’t sweat being unmarried with 6 kids because as Angie told Vanity Fair, “Children are clearly a commitment…it’s for life.”  True that. I love that they’ve gone on record saying they’re not getting married until all gay people can, […]

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