10 Ridiculous Guys I Had to Date Before I Found My Person

Dating was fun, but I can’t say I miss it.  Here’s just a sampling of the wrong-for-me dudes I encountered on the road to destiny…

1. Didn’t like cheese guy

2. Forgot his wallet on the first date guy

3. Mirror-hogging metrosexual guy

pretty college guy

4.  Over 30 virgin guy

5. Didn’t laugh at my jokes and instead said “that’s funny” guy

6. Didn’t appreciate my booty guy

7. Only called the first half of the month until he ran out of cell phone minutes guy

8. Moody chain-smoking guy

9. Borrowed my accessories and makeup but still didn’t realize he preferred guys guy

10. Kept sending me books about “the swinging lifestyle” guy

Dear Dave, thank you for being you, and for liking cheese.  You’re my kind of guy. Read More »

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Love Means Never Having To Say Your Teeth Look Yellow

With two weeks left until our wedding, I’ve been trimming, tinting, plucking, waxing, shaping, toning and otherwise altering every cell of my body.  Meanwhile, Dave’s to-do list had one item: “Get haircut.”  I decided the only way to level the playing field would be for us to do some kind of beauty treatment TOGETHER.

Lucikly, Smile Brilliant had sent me two of their at-home LED Teeth Whitening kits for review.  And who doesn’t need a little brightening up before picture day?


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You’re Doing Date Night All Wrong

Parents of small children are advised to make time for date nights—their best hope for keeping the romantic connection alive. But in practice, what usually happens? You stay out past your bedtime, yawn through dinner and a movie, pay a babysitter a small fortune to watch TV while your kids sleep and the whole thing just makes you more tired the next day.

That’s why instead of date nights, my partner and I prefer date days. Are you judging us yet? I know, parents are supposed to spend quality time with their children on the weekends, but we don’t ditch our kid every Saturday–just once in a while. And when we do, it’s magical.  Keep reading at Lifetime Moms…

lep-W140719_0134 Read More »

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So Does The Jacket Button?

Back in February, I asked a very important question:

“Will I ever be able to button this jacket?”

4 months ago jacket

The jacket, a saucy little Theory blazer purchased optimistically in my pre-baby size, was to be my proxy for the wedding gown–which was still being made–as I attempted to drop a few inches and lb’s.

I committed to showing you an “after” picture wearing the jacket, which I figured would help motivate me.  Plus, I couldn’t very well show you my dress before the wedding.  It’s bad luck!

So, for the past four months I’ve been working it: Weight Watchers, the trainer, walking dates with a long-legged friend, and a lot of hot tea and chewing gum.

And now, as promised, here I am 4 months later (and 1 month before my wedding), wearing the jacket…

jacket after suck it

Hardest thing about losing the weight: Children’s birthday parties.

Coolest thing about losing it: New clothes!  As in, the old ones in my closet.  Some of them actually fit again!

Funniest thing about losing it: Watching Dave try to express his admiration without sounding like a jerk (“You look better–I mean good–you look good!”)

Now I just have to stay strong until the wedding cake, which I will dive into face first.

Thanks for keeping me honest, blogosphere.  You’re better than Atkins.

XOXO Hungry Bride Read More »

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5 Advantages To Putting The Baby Carriage Before Marriage

If you’ve been watching me prepare for our nuptials with our 3-year-old in tow, you know that preschoolers make terrible wedding planners.  But as I zone in on our BIG DAY (one month away!), I’m realizing some hidden advantages to doing things backwards

1. We’ve Got Warm Feet- I’m not talking about the kind you get from sharing a down comforter, though those are nice too.  I’m talking about confidence.  Given that we’ve already weathered newborn all-nighters and toddler tantrums and we can still stand the sight of each other, “I Do” is the easiest decision ever.  No cold feet, no panic attacks, no Dustin Hoffman banging on the windows screaming “Elayne!” (although that happens to be my MIL’s name, so you never know).     Read More »

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